***UPDATE 1/18/22*** We have hired a company to start getting the tree damage in our community cleaned up. They are suppose to start this week. It will take about 3 days for them to get it all done. Thanks for your patience.

Lots of tree limbs are down in our neighborhood. We are working on getting a vendor in to get this cleaned up. The tree damage is wide spread and is not just limited to our community. It will take some time to get it all cleaned up. Anything our communtiy members can do to help in the general area of their homes would be appreciated. In the meantime please be careful around the trees as there are damaged branches in the trees that have not yet fallen.
Just a reminder due to Prince William County changing the laws concerning yard waste our trash company no longer takes yard waste without additonal fees. The debris from the trees must be taken to the PWC Landfill. The PWC Landfill recently changed their hours again and are no longer open on Sundays starting today January 9th, 2022.


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