Hello Towns of Forest Hills neighbors!
We are excited to announce some new features with our community website at https://townsofforesthill.com. Under the community news sections located on the right side of the home page you will see our latest posts as they are made available. You can click to open and you will be able to comment underneath the post. It will require you to create an account to be able to post a comment. This is a great way to provide feedback and receive answers as we will receive a notification and can respond to your comments.
Also with this created account on the website you will have access to community information such as the Meeting Minutes.
Lastly you can now send entries through our contact page that will now allow you to upload images and attachments. These submissions will come to the President of the Board which now has a domain email account of president@townsofforesthill.com
Please reach out with any questions and we hope these new features on the website will allow you to better interact and easily obtain information when needed.
Thank you!


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