Regarding the steps on Canary/Cardinal:
This is the latest update from PWC: In further discussions with VDOT I believe they may allow a few additional steps to be done in lieu of a zig zag trail with the understanding that they would not be responsible to maintain the steps that would be in the right of way. I have been waiting on an estimate from our Construction Services Division Chief to see if the steps would be feasible within my budget. Since I am meeting on site at another location with the Construction Services Division Chief this morning, I will inquire on the status of our estimate.  I appreciate you sharing your Boards availability to meet on site and will follow up about that if necessary.

Regarding the split rail fence repairs:
They have been completed.

Regarding the playground repairs:
The equipment was just delivered to our office.  Hunter Services will be picking it up this week for completion later this week/early next.


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