Holiday Trash Disposal Schedule

  • Any community in any County with services on Tuesdays and Fridays will not be affected AT ALL by the upcoming holidays.  The residents of those communities will only need to be notified of the Christmas tree pickup schedule.
  • Our regular Tuesday and Friday schedules will not change as a result of any of the 3 holidays.
  • All services that are usually provided on Thursdays will be provided on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 
  • We will be running our usual Thursday route on Saturday, November 25th for every community in every County.
  • Communities that do not usually have services on Thursdays will not be affected.
  • For Christmas and New Year’s Day, there will be no service on Monday.
  • The entire rest of the week will be the same as it always is except any recycling services usually provided on Monday will be moved to Wednesday for both holidays.
  • Communities that do not usually have services on Mondays will not be affected.
  • Communities with Monday/Thursday trash pickup and recycling on Thursday will have no trash service on Monday; trash and recycling will be picked up on Thursday, as usual.

Please let residents know that holiday weeks often result in late nights for us due to the excess trash out for pickup and long lines at the landfills.  Our crews will work as late as necessary to get the routes completed.  Residents should be sure to leave their items out at the curb for pickup no matter how late it is in the evening.


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